Business development

What do we do?

Our business vision is centered around being able to offer a global business development.

We see projects as a puzzle to solve, where, in addition to organizing the pieces, we complete the missing ones through internal services and external suppliers.


Our services cover; exploration, feasibility studies, construction, operation, logistics, marketing and/or financing.

We can enter at any stage of project development and complete until the final commercialization of the product.

This business development is focused especially on mining and/or industrial projects and their value chain.

Industrial Mining Consultancy

Projects in different stages of development that need help to complete one or several tasks until they are completed.
We also add the ability to trade the products.
Experience in Spain, Bolivia and Chile.


Fly Barges Project; Project for the development and construction of river convoys for the bulk transport of minerals and grains using light materials and powered by clean energy.
Bulk Concept; Conceptual project for the development of high-capacity drones for loading ocean-going ships without the need for a port.

Invovation Projects

- Project for the recovery of strategic materials in dumps.
- Project for geopolymer applications
- Project for the treatment of rare earths
- Underground Research Probe Development Project

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