We are committed to sustainable, efficient and innovative industrial development, which is why we lead and participate in various European R&D projects that have received funding from the European Commission.


“Interregional investment for the sustainable supply of raw materials in the EU Green Energy Transition”

Project for the study of the recovery of strategic materials such as “rare earths” from metallurgical processes applied to the treatment and processing of iron ore

“Valorization of mine wastes for the development of building materials”

Project for the study of recycling and circularity of rejects from the mining operation by applying geopolymers to waste from the iron treatment plant for the manufacture of fire-resistant construction materials.

It is a Horizon Europe project whose main objective is to improve the resilience and sustainability of the value chain of critical raw materials in Europe based on the silicon chain. To achieve this result, the project aims to demonstrate eight industry-driven innovative technology and business solutions covering the entire silicon value chain. empresariales innovadoras impulsadas por la industria que cubran toda la cadena de valor del silicio.

Due to its participation and leadership in different innovation and development projects financed by European organizations, since December 2022 LEONORE has been incorporated into the Register of innovative SMEs of the Kingdom of Spain, obtaining the innovative SME seal granted by the Ministry of Science and innovation.

LEONORE DEVELOPMENT is also a founding partner of the Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster where it leads the "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES" working group

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